Stop “Doing”

handle responsibilitiesLife is full of responsibilities

Pick up the kids from soccer practice. Buy groceries and make dinner. Clean the house. Create a presentation for your client. Give up your evenings so you can travel for work. Visit your parents at the retirement home. Bring refreshments for the PTA meeting. Coordinate volunteers for the church fundraiser.

We honestly want to give and care for others. We have a big heart. We want to see those we love happy. We want to make a contribution at work. We want to be successful. We want to help charities. No one forces us take on these responsibilities. We usually feel obligated to help because we believe this is just what good girls or superwomen do. We feel a duty to give to others and make them happy. We smile, placate, and pretend we are giving graciously. We pretend we can handle all of the responsibilities piled upon us.

The truth is everything is not fine.

We are overwhelmed and powerless to say no.

We have lost ourselves in our work and to-do list.

We are no longer living but spending our days doing. Moving from one task to another like a robot.

We have lost joy in life. We put on a strong smiling face, but we feel dead inside.

We are angry, frustrated, and bitter.

We don’t understand why everything is piled on our list. Why do others get to enjoy life while we are we ignored and left to take care of the chores? Sometimes our bitterness pops up as inappropriate outbursts and sarcasm. Sometimes we keep it held down deep inside where it eats away at our health.

Is It Time to Stop “Doing” Your Life? Learn How

“Melissa Heisler is a tremendously effective coach who’s brilliant at working with people who give away more energy than they receive: adult children of problem parents, caretakers who put other’s needs ahead of their own, and those who feel their true paths but don’t yet have their feet firmly grounded in their life’s purpose. Smart, loving, and clear-sighted, Melissa is just the coach to help you repair your own life and soul, so that you can help others without burning out.” – Martha Beck, author and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

how do i get everything doneYou are not alone. The world is filled with caretakers, nurturers, and women who “do it all.” To the world you appear competent and successful. You are the one who receives more work because you get things done. You are a multitasking fiend at home and work. You always smile and you never say no when asked to help. You are dependable and reliable. You are the go-to gal. You are the miracle worker who makes everything happen.

But you are also exhausted. You are stressed. You are overwhelmed. You are frustrated with your life. You feel empty inside. You are angry that too much responsibility lands on your shoulders. You feel guilty saying no to those in need. You feel unable to stop and relax. You feel a victim of all that needs to get done. You have no idea how to get everything done. You are also constantly worried about job responsibilities and the stability of that job, you and your family’s health, finances and cost of living, the future for your children, how others judge you, if you are doing enough, and if you are doing it right. Anything and everything around you seems to be a cause of concern and something you need to fix.

The result of all this stress is not just negativity and a lack of joy, but real health problems including:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Feeling sad or depressed
  • Feeling nervous or anxious
  • Muscle tension
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Indigestion and other stomach issues

Is it time to stop “doing” your life? Is it time to stop the negative impacts of stress? Is it time to find joy in your everyday living again?

Start Living Again Learn How

“Melissa has done a phenomenal job helping me discover what I am passionate about and how to tie that passion into a work/life framework that will allow me to realize my dreams. She has helped me truly understand who I am, has made me introspective about what makes me tick and has offered up invaluable advice on how to find the right peers who complement me – both in the office and in my personal life. As an entrepreneur, constantly struggling with the need to find balance, Melissa has provided me with a unique process to help me, help myself at being the best businessman, father, husband, and friend I can possibly be. I would recommend Melissa and It’s My Life, Inc. to anyone seeking to discover their full potential.” – Scott Graflund, IL