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Beyond Money and Power

Lately I have been experiencing a ground swell of desire for a new way to be and live. I expect to see this from my clients, however I am seeing it in places and people I would not expect.

Arianna Huffington shares her thoughts about redefining success in her new book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder. Instead of focusing solely on money and power she calls us to look to a third metric centered on the quality of our lives.

A relaxing weekend at a friend’s summer house becomes a discussion about values and goals. The quest for a successful business is being overtaken by the desire to focus on family and a slower way of living.

Interviewing potential financial advisors shifts into a discussion of how the stress of making six figures hurts health, relationships, and quality of life.

Money Rules Man by_BenHeineWe are not yet at the tipping point of embracing new values, but there is growing discontentment with how things are and a longing for something different. The challenge is money and power are so ingrained in our society. Deep in our psyche we still believe: Work hard. Keep up with the Jones. Make something of yourself. He with the most toys wins. Earnings = worth. Beat the other guy to win.

Yet all of these ideas are beginning to feel hollow. Big “wins” leave us dissatisfied. We earn and we buy and we don’t enjoy our lives. We strive and compete and we damage our health.

What does it take to embrace new values?

The first step is to define what you TRULY value. Not what society tells you is important, not what your family has always valued, not what your friends are striving for, but what you truly value. Deep down inside we all know what is important to us. The reason we do not focus on it is because it is clouded by convention.

  • Spend some time thinking and feeling about what truly makes you happy, brings you joy, and makes you feel fulfilled.
  • Next, list the things which are currently taking priority like your to-do list and current goals. Sit with each of these obstacles and uncover if they are truly important to you.
  • Begin to replace your current priorities with your true values and see how your health, joy, and relationships improve.

Share with us what you truly value and how you are going to start bringing it back into your life.

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Value-Centered Business

I heard an interesting talk the other day by David Logan the co-author of Tribal Leadership.  Unfortunately I can not share the talk I heard, but here he is on TED.  The big takeaway I had was that the key to developing strong successful businesses was in uncovering shared values and using those values to guide decision making.  Having shared common values unites a group around something bigger than themselves.  These values can be something noble like giving to the poor or they may just be valuing fun and creativity.  The value itself does not matter.  The important point is that there is something larger than the self which is respected, rewarded, and followed by the group.

Group CohesionPersonally I saw this in action the other day.  I was asked to speak to a networking group.  However before I gave my speech, the group discussed their desire to create a new name for their gathering.  Instead of giving my talk, the attendees happily accepted my offer to facilitate them in this naming process.  Instead of jumping into the creative process, first I helped them define a mission and vision for the group.  It was incredible to see how the attendees began to align and synthesize as the values of the group came to the surface.  Of course, growing one’s business was a core function of the group but what arose was that the group valued personal relationships.  The desire to connect with other individuals on a personal intimate level was the foundation of this group.  As this value rose to the surface, I could see the group coming together in a way they had not before.

In recent Find and Follow Your Bliss life purpose workshops and my upcoming book From Type A to Type Me, I teach that experiential values are the key to having purpose in one’s life.  The same is true for your business.  Yes, a business is in existence to serve a need and make money.  That is a given.  But what makes an amazing business is when there is an experiential value all of the co-workers share.  The experiential value is true purpose of the business.  It is why the employees get up in the morning and why they give that extra little bit every day.  This value becomes a guiding light for the company’s goals, decision making, and employee and customer relations.  It is the basis of the company’s brand personality.  As businesses are able to center the company culture around an experiential value, they see moral improve and politics diminish.  It is a wonderful productive state.

What are the common values of your business?   What culture are you creating?  How are you helping your employees gather around a singular value?