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The Energy of Emotion – Donna Scott-Nusrala

Ever have someone walk into the room and you can feel their anger – or their joy?

Do you know people who seem to always have great opportunities just happen to them? And others who always get the short end of the stick?

Could your life be affected by what you are unconsciously projecting?

In Donna Scott-Nusrala’s new book, The Energy of Emotion, she shows how the emotion energy we project can affect our lives for better or worse and how we can reprogram our emotions to create a better life.

We broadcast energy through our emotions. This can be either positive or negative. The more positive energy we have the more we attract positive energy. Negative energy attracts those things we don’t necessarily want. Most of the time we are not aware of the emotional energy we are projecting and how that affects our life. But there is a way to change your broadcast and change your experience.

By acknowledging how your energy affects your life you can then be empowered to make a difference in your life. You do not have to be a victim of circumstances nor do you have to attack yourself for what you are unconsciously bringing to you. Once you accept that you have created unconsciously what you have in your life based on what you have learned and experienced in the past, you now have the power to make new choices and broadcast what you really want to receive.

Listen in to this eye-opening and life changing show.

Giraffe / Jirafe

Spectacularly Perfect Events

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

I love the coincidences of the universe.  These coincidences may seem random and unconnected but eventually if one puts the pieces together great insight and support can be found in these coincidences.   The coincidences I am talking about are the times when we say, “Isn’t that weird?” or “What are the chances?” or “Wasn’t it lucky this happened?”  Over the years I learned that these are not coincidences but Spectacularly Perfect Events (SPE) as I call them, sent to guide us down the right path.  My recent SPE involved a giraffe.

Giraffe / JirafeAs some of you might know, I had a life changing experience in Peru working with a shaman (native healer).  I learned that shamanic practices can be a great way for me to access my unconscious when I am stuck, and a great way to find release.  Over the last few months there has been a lot of transition for me and I was at a point where I needed some additional guidance and insight.  I was referred to Kathleen Rude, a local shamanic practitioner.  In working together, she said there were three animals guiding me right now.  One was the giraffe.

There are many symbolic messages from the giraffe.  At first, I thought the giraffe’s message for me was my ability to have higher perceptions, a higher vision if you will.  But there are two other symbolic messages from the giraffe.  One is tied to communication.  The power of the giraffe’s neck symbolizes strength in one’s own voice and words, while the length of the giraffe’s tongue symbolizes the ability to speak eloquently.  The other message is how the giraffe’s long neck symbolizes taking a risk by sticking one’s neck out.  Telling the giraffe story is, in itself, utilizing the symbolism of the giraffe as it is trying to write clearly about my experience and also a big risk for me to share it.  I thought the giraffe’s message was encouragement for my writing and the book I have been trying to complete, but it took me somewhere else.

Last month’s I Hate Sales! blog was inspired by a chat with Robert Terson.  In that meeting, he inspired me to pick up the phone and actively connect with previous clients in order to generate more referrals. This is a challenge for me.  I don’t want to feel I am harassing anyone.  I love to receive referrals but I assumed they would all come on their own.  Together we found ways to ethically and comfortably reconnect with my clients and contacts.  As I walked to my car after the meeting, sitting comfortably on the dashboard of the car next to mine was a stuffed giraffe.  I took this SPE to mean, yes now is the time to stick my neck out.  Now is the time to proactively reconnect.  Robert’s suggestions and advice were something I should pursue.

But I think my version of sticking my neck out and the universe’s was different. I did start incorporating some reconnection and outreach work, but I did ninety-nine percent of it while hiding behind a computer.  I was still stuck in the “I don’t want to bug anybody” syndrome.  In the meantime, I looked into resurrecting my book and finding ways to create online programs.  But these did not move smoothly.  I didn’t have any energy to give them.  I didn’t have clarity about how these projects would actually improve my practice.  I felt they were things I had to do and I felt stuck.  I was using logic and fear instead of using my intuition and it was holding me back. 

Luckily I reconnected with author and sales guru, Stacia Skinner.  After catching up, she generously talked to me about the need for sales calls.  The passive receptivity of the internet has blocked us from one-on-one connection, that connection which is the foundation of coaching work.  Picking up where Robert left off, she walked me through ethical and focused sales scripts I can use to make true connections with prospective clients.  What I noticed is that although the idea of cold calls were historically terrifying to me, I felt more energy rush into the idea of making the calls than I had in the past four weeks of trying to write my book.  The energy was here.  The resistance was to projects I was using to block my direct connection with my tribe.  I felt in the flow when I thought of actually authentically and directly reaching out to these individuals.  To confirm I was headed in the right direction, the giraffe appeared at the end of my conversation with Stacia.  I told her about the side business my husband and I created whose mascot just happens to be a giraffe. We decided on the mascot animal months before he appeared in my shamanic experience, showing he was already at work before I knew it.  The journey of my giraffe-centered SPE was directing me to the next step for my business, giving me the strength to risk sticking my neck out, and helping me get back into the energetic flow. 

Where are you feeling stuck?  What do you feel you need to do but just can’t seem to put the energy behind it?  What Spectacularly Perfect Events are pointing you in a different direction?

Flying to vacation

Break Time

I might be dating myself, but do you remember the old Flintstones cartoons?  At the end of the day, the whistle would blow and Fred would slide down his dinosaur to rush to his foot-car so he could go to his wife and family waiting at home.  Working out of my home I don’t have the opportunity to leave work at the office and arrive home to spend time with my family.  (I also do not work on a dinosaur but that is beside the point.)  With work and home being in the same space, I tend to work longer hours than nine to five.  Evenings and weekends are fair game often filled with office work and business writing.  There is not a boss looking over my shoulder watching the time I commit to the job nor is there a time clock recording my hours.  More often than not my Type-A overachiever has me working more hours of the week than the average individual.  Which is usually ok, but I am only human.

Flying to vacationBeing paid by the hour, taking a vacation can be difficult.  If I am not available, I am not earning money.  On the other hand, if I do not take a break away from my work, I could suffer from exhaustion and burnout.  Luckily I had the chance to take a break this April.  A trip to Italy provided me for the first time since starting my business twelve days away from the phone, emails, and my computer.  I have to be honest, I did bring my book along to work on, but I only pulled it out during long flights or bus rides.  All in all, this was the first time in a long time I was completely free from work.  Ok, maybe not completely free.

There was one night late in our trip when I spent a few hours talking to our tour guide.  He was actually the owner of the amazing tour company, Best Italian Vacations.  We talked about his two websites and his plans to increase the number of trips he hosted.  It was refreshing to talk about small business for a bit instead of 14th century architecture but it was more than that.  I notice a difference in my half of the conversation.  I was more open.  I was more creative.  I was my relaxed.  I was more able to give.  It was at that moment I realized the importance of taking a break.  It is not only for one’s personal health and sanity, but it makes us work better.

Break time, fun time, and play time are all important components of work.  Without them we become stifled, stale, anxious, and unproductive.  Be sure you are alternating between work and play to maximize the benefits of your right brain.  Next time you are stuck on what to do, take a break, go for a walk, or maybe draw a picture.  Unlock the chain from your desk and walk away from a project.  Many times you will find yourself more productive away from your desk than racking your brain at it.

It's My Life Inc.

No Pain, All Gain

There are probably thousands of articles which talk about how to work more efficiently, to keep all departments focused on a singular goal, and to help us stay motivated no matter how daunting the task.  As a Recovering Type-A, I am an expert on to-do lists, working smarter not harder, and keeping things moving no matter the effort or hours needed.  But I am learning about a new tool which can accomplish more than I ever did before and with much less effort.  Adopting this new tool is physically and cognitively easy, but it is quite difficult emotionally and psychologically.  This is because it goes against the normal perception that working hard is the only way to accomplish what we desire.  The mentality of no pain, no gain drives so many to accomplish so much.  But there is an easier, more pleasant, and honestly, a more productive way.  Let’s call it No Pain, All Gain.

photo by Zweettooth

The concept behind No Pain, All Gain is to release every belief which makes us feel constricted and stressed, replacing these harmful thoughts with beliefs which actually make working easier and more successful.

One belief is that you need to do everything yourself.  This belief adds unrealistic responsibility and added stress. There are very few of us who are an expert in everything.  When we try to complete even the tasks to which we do not excel, we tend to make more mistakes and it takes us longer.  We can accomplish so much more if we turn over certain aspects of projects to those who specialize and enjoy those tasks.  Plus we tend to be more productive and creative if we can focus on a singular task versus multitasking.

Another belief is that stress and work-related pressure are just facts of life. The truth is when we are stressed, pressured, or feel the circumstance is do-or-die that we underperform at something which we could otherwise perform perfectly.  When we can take away the perception that pain or hard work is part of the process, we open up our minds and our capabilities.

Yet another belief is that there is never enough time to complete everything we desire.  Truth is we create more time to get things completed when we stop thinking we don’t have enough time.  When we pressure ourselves with deadlines we add stress and as above we make it more difficult to accomplish things.  Setting the thought and intention in the morning that we will have more than enough time to accomplish all we desire opens up and expands time.

As you start your workday, be aware of the stories you are telling yourself.  Do the stories make you stressed, pained, and unproductive?  If so, how can you rewrite your beliefs to give you a No Pain, All Gain day?  Try it and see if your day is not only more enjoyable, but also more productive in ways you never imagined before.

Learn how to release your pain and stress by becoming Type-ME.

It's My Life Inc.


My husband and I are fortunate enough to have a boat on a series of inland lakes.  Every weekend we can, we drive for an hour to the marina.  The street just before our marina is quite hilly.  There is a dip and then a rise and then another dip.  One day after the rise, I put the car into neutral and coasted to the entrance of the marina.  That started the competition.  How far could we coast?  The next weekend we started coasting after turning onto the street.  We rolled down the first hill, slowed on the rise, and then sped down the next hill.  Then we got more daring.  When it was safe, we not only rolled down the hills, but would turn into the marina and try to make it all the way into our parking space.

Some days we could turn from the main road doing 30 MPH and easily coast all the way down the two hills and into the parking space.  Some days we would have to stop before turning and pray that the energy from the turn’s meager momentum would bring us all the way.  Sometimes the coast was fast.  Sometimes the rise after the second hill would slow us down almost to a standstill before the second hill gave us momentum again.  Sometimes if we turned too sharply into the marina we barely made it into the slip.  But amazingly, once we learned to let go and trust, we could coast to our destination easily and with minimal effort.

Since this became such a fun game, I started coasting other places when I could.  It not only saves gas and wear and tear on my engine, but it makes monotonous driving more fun.  So the other night I found a great hill on the way to meet a friend.  As I dropped the car into neutral, I wondered how often do we think we think we need to push down the gas pedal of life to get where we want to go?  How often do we think we need to do in order to get to our destination?  What if we just coasted?

How much momentum have we built up in our lives?  How far can that momentum carry us without any additional effort?  How many times are we tiring ourselves out with additional effort that is not necessary?  Today, look around you and see where you can coast.  What are the things you are pushing to happen?  Is the effort necessary?  If not, let go and watch.  Does your desired outcome still occur?

It's My Life Inc.

Lessons from the MBI Convention

Recently I attended the first ever Martha Beck Coaches Convention.It was an amazingly powerful experience to be surrounded by over 200 women and men all striving for peace and understanding in our world. There was a joyful calm enveloping the event because there was a lack of competition, jealousy, anxiety, fear, and feelings of inadequacy .I am not saying that we didn’t all have our moments (get thee to the self-coaching corner!), but with that many coaches around any incident was truly only a moment as it dissolved as soon as it appeared. Just attending the event taught me the role we all play in each others lives. Although our job is first and foremost to take care of the needs of our essential self, we can easily and effortlessly make incredible impacts on each others lives by just sharing our experiences and what makes us special. Below are just a few of the gifts I received, along with an ability and driven desire to bend flatware.

The Importance of Breath

We can go weeks without food and days without water but we only live minutes without oxygen.Breathing is more than a bodily function; it is the renewing of our spirit.From Sanskrit to Hebrew to Greek to Latin the word for breath does not translate to oxygen intake and carbon dioxide release.Breath translates to universal life energy, soul, and spirit.Concentrating on being mindful of one’s breath is life affirming and life sustaining.Dana Frost and Jill Tupper taught that, “Breath is spirit moving in body.”Breath can take us out of our fight or flight mode (ala “stress”) and into rest and digest relaxation mode.Practicing slower, deeper, quieter, and consistent breathing can return one to a state of calm and stillness in this stressed out world.

We Are Energy

If breath is our spirit, energy is our power and action. Koelle Simpson is a horse whisperer and an energy expert. Koelle learned about energy from animals.Animals have no words to speak so they relate and receive communication from each other’s energy.As humans we are not that far away.Our words provide 7% of our communication.The rest is communicated through our bodies and energy.Our words can lie but our bodies do not.That is why when you are trying to coax your dog with a treat in order to grab him and splash him into a bath, he backs away because he senses that your true purpose displayed through your energy means bath-time. Koelle showed us how to harness the power of our energy by having a clear intention, holding a feeling of joy and peace, releasing any desire to control the process or outcome, and setting clear boundaries.

Actively Create Your Life

Jeanette Maw built off these lessons about energy to specifically focus on the Law of Attraction.She reiterated the importance of having a clean intention, a sense of peaceful joy, releasing the desire once it has been identified, to state and write what we want, why we want it, and why we believe we can have it.The key here is to experience the feeling of true desire and true joy of receiving the item.The emotional joy of receiving our desire is the force that draws it to us.Examining why we can have it helps us to focus on the positive possibility and diminish the energy we give to our limiting beliefs which will block the Law of Attraction from working.

Share and Care

I have the honor of attending an informative and insightful class led by Judy Klipin and although the content will forever change my coaching abilities, the lesson from this session was the power of sharing and connection.In sharing our personal and clients’ (anonymously, of course) experiences there was an amazing feeling of peace that filled the room.There is a great power in not feeling alone.Once that connection is felt it opens the door to allow us to release the painful past, release those limiting beliefs, and have a new perspective for the future.There is incredible power in a group; a power to be utilized for great healing.

True Peace

After these lessons in breathing, energy, creation, and connection the final lesson was in transcendence.I have had a respect for Byron Katie’s work and use it often in my practice, and I often wondered if Byron lived up to her words in person.She does, and then some. She is a woman of great peace and infinite spiritual depth.Her words are simple yet ripe with meaning and inspiration.She has reached an enlightened state that I assume some would fear to go because she is no longer of this world.Byron has reached a level of enlightenment which I have not experienced with any other person I have ever met.Just hearing her speak has elevated my own awareness and practice to a new level.

I hope that these lessons have sparked your desire to learn more and deepen your practice, as they have definitely done for me. Share with us the lessons you have learned on your path or areas you would like explore.

Have you tried to bend a spoon today?