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Moving Beyond Childhood Abuse – Robin Marvel


Robin Marvel
Robin Marvel

Robin Marvel had a troubling childhood including domestic abuse, parental kidnappings, drug abuse, and homelessness. She never learned to have self-worth. Robin turned to alcohol and partying when she was fifteen years old to receive validation and attention. This led to a teenage pregnancy which motivated her to not be a statistic and to make a better life for her daughter. Because she was an adult too early between caring for her parents and then her own child, she fell back into drinking in her 20’s wanting to experience the freedom of childhood she didn’t have earlier. This relapse became her true wake-up call to make a change.  She said, “This is not how my story is going to end.”

Life CheckRobin is the author of Life Check: 7 Steps to Balance Your Life joins the Empowerment Show to talk about choice, understanding, forgiving oneself and others, loving oneself, acknowledging self-worth, uncovering the lessons, and moving forward. As food pantries were very important in Robin’s youth, she and her husband started United Hands of Change which encourages people give them a hand-up not a handout.

Are you ready to break the cycle of abuse and alcoholism, release your victimhood, and make a real change in your life?



Neil Findlay is Making the World a Better Place – Learn How You Can Too

Neil Findlay says he is just, “An ordinary person out there doing some stuff.” But he is so much more than that. Both Neil and his wife have dedicated some of their working years and now their “retirement” to helping children around the world.  They are both an inspiration for what we can all accomplish.

Neil Findlay
Neil Findlay

One of the groups Neil assists is Project Madagascar. The primary goal of Project Madagascar is to educate street children, starting at age 5, to help them out of the cycle of poverty. The children in this part of Madagascar have literally nothing and especially no hope, unless we can help. Project Madagascar organizes trips where you can learn about this interesting culture while helping those without.

Neil does not only help those in developing countries but also those who need his home country of Australian. Unfortunately there is a very large drug and alcohol abuse issue in Australia, especially with teens. Related to this is also depression, fatigue, violence and suicide. Like many of the underground issues in developed countries like the United States, these are they types of issues that don’t get media coverage.

There are many in the world in situations which are or feel hopeless. The question is, are you being called to help? Perhaps it is time to think about who you are? What do you value? Who are you outside of your job? Is it time to think bigger? Is it time to find out ways to make a difference in the world?

Learn how you can help with Project Madagascar, Red Frogs, and Metro Church Toowoomba. Learn more about Neil: website and The Mentor’s Diary.

What are things you can do locally and beyond to make a difference in someone’s life?