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The Energy of Emotion – Donna Scott-Nusrala

Ever have someone walk into the room and you can feel their anger – or their joy?

Do you know people who seem to always have great opportunities just happen to them? And others who always get the short end of the stick?

Could your life be affected by what you are unconsciously projecting?

In Donna Scott-Nusrala’s new book, The Energy of Emotion, she shows how the emotion energy we project can affect our lives for better or worse and how we can reprogram our emotions to create a better life.

We broadcast energy through our emotions. This can be either positive or negative. The more positive energy we have the more we attract positive energy. Negative energy attracts those things we don’t necessarily want. Most of the time we are not aware of the emotional energy we are projecting and how that affects our life. But there is a way to change your broadcast and change your experience.

By acknowledging how your energy affects your life you can then be empowered to make a difference in your life. You do not have to be a victim of circumstances nor do you have to attack yourself for what you are unconsciously bringing to you. Once you accept that you have created unconsciously what you have in your life based on what you have learned and experienced in the past, you now have the power to make new choices and broadcast what you really want to receive.

Listen in to this eye-opening and life changing show.

Donna Scott-Nusralla author

Expanding Children’s Creativity with author Donna Scott-Nusrala

Donna Scott-Nusralla authorWhen is a children’s book not a children’s book?  When on the surface it is fun and engaging, but below the surface it promotes creativity, scientific knowledge, and being in touch with the senses.

Listen in to this fun conversation with author Donna Scott-Nusrala as she leads us through her collection of engaging, entertaining and inspiring children’s books.

More than just words on a page, Donna’s books are a feast for one’s imagination.  These books actively engage children by connecting with the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and intuition.  The stories are not just told but are felt deeply and completely.

A former school teacher, Donna educates and expands a child’s thoughts, perceptions, creativity, and connection.  Whether she is teaching the metric system, helping a child understand the expansiveness of love, introducing vibrational frequencies of attraction, or expanding their imagination, the stories are engaging and fun.

Listen in to learn more about her books and how they can benefit the child in your life.  I know you will enjoy it Gazillions, Bunches, Oodles and Tonsalong with her other books Twinkle ToesThe Legend of TailsThe Purr-fect Twitching Tale, Building a Monster, and The Metric Family.