Melissa Pettignano

Following Your Dreams with Melissa Pettignano

At 26 Melissa Pettignano is launching her second book and her first album. She is a shining example of how a positive attitude and a deep faith can help us move mountains.

Melissa Pettignano
Melissa Pettignano

The Empowerment Show host Melissa Heisler and Melissa Pettignano discuss how to be a driving force to bring good into the world. Even when others may attack you, responding with love, understanding, and compassion can heal wounds. Staying positive brings more positivity into your life. Through forgiveness we free ourselves from negativity and create a space for self-care. Through understanding and accepting our differences and similarities we can come back together as one human family.

Learn more about author and performer Melissa Pettignano, the People of Distinction Humanitarian Award, and the charities she supports including the Homelessness Group and Persecution International Christian Concern. Melissa’s first book is Suzanne Lantana.

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A Witch's Aura

Medical Issues Lead to a Writing Career – Devon Volkel

A young mother experiences a difficult birth and illness of her first child and then a difficult choice when her own illness affects her next pregnancy. Learn how writing became a saving grace and sense of hope during this difficult time.

A Witch's AuraDevon Volkel is now a 30 year old stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy named Gauge. After a very hard start into this world, Gauge reminds her daily of what strength really is. When her son was only three, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and has been in treatment ever since. Thankfully the cancer is in remission. But unfortunately just when they thought things were looking up, Gauge was diagnosed with Type One diabetes. After yet another terrifying stay in the hospital, their little family fights on.

Through it all, writing was Devon’s solace. Writing is her passion. It continues to be her bliss and light whenever she experiences the darkest corners imaginable. The world she created on the page is the light in her dark. Devon hopes in sharing her stories she can bring light to many, many more.

Devon’s first book, A Witch’s Aura, can be found on Goodreads, Amazon, and Penrose Publishing.

Listen in as author, writer, and cancer survivor Devon Volkel talks about hope, determination, and recovery.