Start Living

Is it time to stop “doing” your life and really start living it?

find balanceWould you like to learn how to:

  • Find more time every day.
  • Easily manage your responsibilities at work and home.
  • Find balance between your personal and professional lives.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Better handle difficult people in your life.
  • Uncover joy and passion again.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Revitalized your career and business.
  • Release unhealthy perfectionistic tendencies.
  • Experience success without burnout.
  • Exhibit calm, centered strength.
  • Repair intimate relationships damaged by lack of time due to obligations.

“I hired Melissa because she completely understands what it is like to be a Type A including all the advantages and disadvantages. The work we did together provided me with new strategies to cope with challenges in my personal life and the confidence to move forward in my professional life. Now I’ve also finally put myself out there in terms of my new resume coaching and life coaching business, and this week business has actually started to pick up. I’ve got six clients this week and my goal is to have ten per week so I’m getting there! I really appreciate all that Melissa has done to help me move through a tough time. Her advice is in my head so frequently. I’m so happy I made the investment in myself and decided to work with Melissa! Anna, Ecuador

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stress reductionLearn to release those behaviors not working for you causing stress, damaging relationships, and ruining your health. Gain more from life. Find more time, more joy, and more ease with your projects. You can reduce your stress, allowing for better health mentally and physically.

Stop being a hamster on the wheel of life. Release the stress of trying to keep all of the plates spinning. If you are overwhelmed and at the end of your rope, there is a different way.

Instead of trying to control every situation and everyone around you, you can learn to control how you are experiencing what is happening around you. Think about your life. Have you really been able to control others or situations? If you did, was the experience joyful and free, or was it filled with constraint, frustration, and discomfort? True freedom from stress lies in changing how you approach life. Learn practical, no-nonsense techniques and habits to help you feel safe, fulfilled, healthy, calm, relaxed, self-assured, decisive, balanced, clear-minded, flexible, and joyful.

“I hired and continue to work with Melissa as my life and business coach. She is amazing! She opened my eyes and gave me the tools to see the world differently. I recommend her to friends and colleagues regularly. Regardless of your current awareness, Melissa will help you see yourself clearly and live your best life every day! Take the opportunity to work with her. It is life altering! – Roni Weiner Pressler, IL

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