Gifts for Mother’s Day – Book Special

mother's day giftsEvery May we honor mom.

The woman who gave us life. The woman who shaped us into who we are today. The woman we love and appreciate.

We buy or make her gifts. The gifts may be from the heart, handmade remembrances of her children. The gifts may be practical helping her with the chores of her day. The gifts may be a moment of self-care with a manicure or massage.

What if this year, you helped her claim, reignite, and nurture her inner strength?

Choose from the three handpicked books below and help this important woman in your life reclaim her innate power and joy.

Special pricing through Mother’s Day: all ebooks $2.99 and special pricing on softcover books.


Could your mother use an escape from every day with a spiritual suspense/romance?

Would your mother be inspired by the trials, challenges, and accomplishments of women in Saudi Arabia?

Is your mother overworked and stressed? Could she use tools to help her take back her life?

East of Mecca

East of MeccaThis moving and unforgettable debut novel East of Mecca tells a timely, harrowing, and heartbreaking story of love and betrayal, the transcendent power of friendship, and the ultimate price of oppression. Driven by financial desperation, Sarah and Max Hayes are seduced by promises of a glamorous expatriate lifestyle in Saudi Arabia. Sarah surrenders her career when Max accepts a prestigious job with Ocmara Oil Company and they relocate their family to the shores of the Persian Gulf. Locked inside the heavily-guarded Ocmara compound, Sarah becomes invisible within the fundamentalist Islamic Kingdom. Gradually, she is drawn into a clandestine, illicit friendship with Yasmeen, a Saudi woman. Together they find freedom beneath the veils and behind the walls of the Saudi women’s quarters—until inconceivable events force Sarah to make life-or-death decisions. Told with riveting authenticity and exquisite detail, East of Mecca explores the abuse of absolute power with an elegant balance of cultural nuance and moral inquiry. Long after you have turned the last page, you will be haunted by the vivid characters and powerful scenes illuminating this tour de force.

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sheila flaherty
Dr. Sheila Flaherty

About the Author: Flaherty is a writer and clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people navigate through life changes with grace and ease. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Houston. Flaherty earned her Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago.

Five Star Amazon Review: The triumph of this novel is that it is at once a deeply thoughtful meditation on themes like power, gender, and cultural context and also a classic “what will happen next?” pageturner. The plot really picks up in the final chapters, so once you hit the halfway mark, good luck putting it down before you reach the last page. It is the kind of book you have to talk about once you’re done, so you’ll bug your friends to read it, you’ll make your book club pick it. You cannot help but wonder — what would I do if I found myself in the same situation? What would my friends and family do? And here is the central tension in the story: can our individual values and convictions withstand any cultural pressure or are we doomed to the power of the situation? I highly recommend this book, and hope it will spark important conversations about the danger of denying women control over their own lives in other countries and in our own.

The Redemption of Red Fire Woman

redemption of red fire womanWhen mural artist Sarah Cavanaugh lands the commission of a lifetime—a three-month stint on a millionaire’s ranch in a remote river valley in the mountains of western Colorado—she steps into a mystery that has reached through time to ensnare her. While in the local museum, Sarah faints after viewing a primitive bear claw necklace made by Ute Indians. She is plagued from that day forward by an inexplicable palsy in her left hand and ominous nightmares. The only person who understands what is happening to her is Duncan Hawk, an enigmatic Ute medicine man. Duncan’s help—and Sarah’s compelling attraction to his troubled nephew—will change her life and her sense of reality forever.

As Sarah becomes involved in the landscapes, people and history she’s commissioned to paint, she finds herself an unwitting participant in a tragic story that began 160 years ago and in an environmental conflict that threatens the valley’s way of life. These seemingly unrelated events share a haunting connection that Duncan was warned about in a vision. Ancestral spirits suggests Sarah holds the key to healing the past and altering the future. But is she willing to risk her heart and her life to do as the spirits demand?

The Redemption of Red Fire Woman blends suspense and romance in this riveting journey of self-discovery, rich with sacred ceremony, treacherous obsession and timeless love.


Kathleen Rude author
Kathleen Rude

About the AuthorKathleen Rude is an environmentalist, writer and shamanic practitioner trained in traditional ceremonial ways by Blackfoot, Northern Ute and Lakota elders. Kathleen also facilitates workshops in spiritual healing, environmental and social change, and The Work That Reconnects, pioneered by Joanna Macy. She began her career as an environmental journalist and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology and a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources.

Five Star Amazon Review: Redemption, resolution, respect, ritual, and romance. This book had more than the 5 R’s mentioned in my title, but these five were key for me. I love books that reveal spiritual growth for more than the main character, and this story had room for all of the primary characters to grow and change as a result of the events of the story. Redemption and resolution for all. I love books that are tender in how they handle differences. Even though several of the characters were anything but tender, their respect for nature and for others in the story balanced them out–even the villain whose actions had strong and logical consequences. I love books that teach me. The history of the Utes in Colorado and some of their rituals was very interesting and were incorporated into the story line so it didn’t feel like a lecture but left me feeling enlightened. I love books that contain romance and make me guess about who will win in the end. The Redemption of Red Fire Woman had that as well. I, too, would love this story to be the beginning of a series.

From Type A to Type Me: How to Stop “Doing” Life and Start Living It

from type a to type me: how to stop doing life and start living itFrom Type A to Type Me is a wakeup call for anyone with Type-A traits who is trapped by their negative side effects. Using new techniques with ancient wisdom, this book provides a down-to-earth, applicable roadmap for harnessing the values of the Type-A tendencies while releasing the rigid side effects that too often take over.

“An inspiring and practical guide book to put you back into the driver’s seat of your life.” – Susyn Reeve, best-selling author of The Inspired Life, cohost on the On Purpose Show

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Melissa Heisler
Melissa Heisler

About the Author: Melissa Heisler is a recovering Type A. After ten years managing and directing theatrical productions and seventeen years in corporate marketing, the stress of high-pressure, deadline-driven jobs led to her own ill health, mentally and physically. This started her search for a long-lasting means of approaching each situation with ease, contentment, and power. She developed her system for managing stress and has been leading a more peaceful life ever since. In her coaching, Melissa uses this system again and again to guide professionals to live better. She has a master’s degree in integrated marketing communication.

Five Star Amazon Review: I am a Type A person, yet saying that I never really saw how being Type A could infringe on so many aspects of my life. Truthfully, I usually saw being Type A as a positive trait. I mean, I was one that “got things done” I was a chronic planner, one that rarely had down time and more or less, didn’t want to have “down time” because there was always something to be done and of course, I was the one who could do it (or so I convinced myself). I was reliable, the one people could count on, no matter what. I was regularly complimented by my employers and co-workers for being “so efficient”, etc. In my mind being Type A was a good thing. How could it not be? Unfortunately, such a positive but false assumption, also led me to feel constantly exhausted, overwhelmed, sleep deprived and even resentful of others at times. Most importantly, a chronic need to maintain that false – positive persona of being super woman, in order for me to feel worthy (a feeling buried in my subconscious). Eventually I crashed and burned (so to speak). I experienced a few set backs, pretty much one after the other, over a few years, that allowed me to lose control. “Control” was something I was very good at in the past, (not with people but with myself) or so I thought. No matter what was going on, good or bad, I could manage to keep it together, but not this time, in fact things just got worse and worse. I searched for answers from various media avenues. I watched people like Oprah, Dr. Phil, looked up things on the internet, got recommendations for books, etc. Although I did get some good advice, I never seemed to find any connection, nobody that I could really identify with, until I began reading “From Type A to Type Me” It was Melissa’s personal experiences that allowed me to see a real person, humble enough to open up her life’s journey.