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Melissa Heisler Speaker

As a speaker, my presentations are both educational and inspirational.

Topics are not only presented, but they are interactive allowing the participants to walk away with tangible tools they can implement immediately.

Kelly Janzen, Americas Controller for GE Healthcare had this to say about my presentation for them. “With Melissa’s business background and passion for life coaching, she is able to really understand how corporate employees think and in turn get them to rethink how they should approach both work and life.  Our employees felt like the coaching session was extremely helpful to focus on what’s important to them so that they could make better decisions regarding what they wanted to do with their future.” 


  • Signature Talk – A Society of Stress: Today we are more stressed than any other generation. Learn why we are more affected by stress, where stress comes from, how we are addicted to stress, and how stress affects us physically. Be inspired by Melissa’s own awakening of the physical consequences of a high pressure career and how she found better health and wellbeing through stress management.
  • Stress Relief for the Entrepreneur: Business ownership is rewarding, and stressful. Learn how to maximize your business by minimizing your stress.
  • The Myth of Work-Life: The art of merging work and life for joy, peace, and happiness.
  • Take Back Your Life From Stress:  Learn how the Type Me Daily Habits can reduce daily stress and prepare you for major life stressors.
  • Superwomen Anonymous:  Take off your superhero cape and take care of yourself, so you can go out and save the world.
  • Find and Follow Your Bliss:  How to uncover, define, and obtain your personal success.
  • Brand You: Learn how your personal brand can attract the right clients, make you memorable, and increase your bottom line.
  • Authentic Networking:  How to build true relationships online and off.
  • Empowering Your Job Search:  Stop searching for the job you can get and begin creating the position of your dreams.

Select Clients

  • Business Without Borders, Neuenrade, Germany
  • GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • Nixon Peabody, Chicago, Illinois

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