Online Stress Reduction Courses

We are all experiencing more stress today than ever. Overwhelm, anxiety, and frustration seem to be the norm. But they don’t have to be.

Some stress can be eliminated, really it can.

Some stress can be minimized and even prevented.

And some stress has to be addressed when it arises, but there are ways to manage it.

You can view all three courses HERE

Don’t Have Time for Stress Relief

Check out this free course to help you take the first steps towards stress relief.

Looking For Immediate Help

The Stress Hacks Toolbox provides 30 tools you can use in the moment to reduce the stress you experience.

Ready to Make Real Change?

Learn how to prevent unnecessary stress, to reduce the amount of stress you experience, and to manage stress in the moment.

This course includes:

  • Where stress comes from, how it affects us, why we have so much stress, and what it means to have work-life balance.
  • Stress Prevention Tools
  • Stress Reducing Daily Habits
  • One-minute Stress Hacks
  • Five-minute Stress Hacks
  • Ten-minute Stress Hacks

All lessons are in bite-sized, stress diminishing mini segments. Most are five minutes or less.

Free yourself from stress. Learn the basics of stress reduction as well as stress prevention tools, stress reducing daily habits, and thirty (30) stress hacks.

Lifetime Access $147

You can view all three courses HERE