Live Type Me

Counselors, psychologists, coaches, and other wellness practitioners are terrific at creating momentary positive experiences. You attend a seminar, workshop or a weekend retreat where you learn new skills and ways of being. As you receive new information during the event you feel better powerful, and joyful. But the day after the event as you become caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern life, you are back to old unhelpful habits.

The dirty little secret to self-improvement, according to neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, is that workshops, books, and counselors are good at creating positive experiences, but bad at making them long lasting. This is where group and personal coaching comes in.

Type-Me Daily Habits are designed to help you not only have a great experience in the moment, but to create permanent change in the deepest part of your brain, the brain now mired in stress, fear, worry, and anxiety. The Type-Me Habits are designed to help you be more open, joyful, and aware of opportunities. To make lasting changes requires consciousness, diligence, and repetition.

Join nine (9) other Type Me seekers this January for an interactive and supportive five (5) week course to help you make the Type Me Habits your own.

The workshop will be held online via Skype. Ninety (90) minute sessions will be packed with guidance on how you too can transform from a stressed out, exhausted, anxious Type A to a joyful, calm, and centered Type Me. Between sessions you will receive Life Work to help you understand and integrate the Type-Me Habits. The days and times will be determined by who registered so it will fit around your schedule.

The investment for this course is only $299.

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