Personal Sessions

Sometimes reading and doing work on your own is not enough. You may need an objective eye, support during a difficult change, or someone who can really understand your situation deeply. You may be ready for one to one coaching.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Each session is custom created for the specific client’s needs. Although I regularly call on many tools and practices, I do not have a cookie-cutter system. Your needs and issues are unique, so your coaching sessions are unique too. Know that throughout the process, all discussions and Life Work (homework between sessions) will be crafted especially for you. I am not here to teach you my system, but to explore solutions which work with your lifestyle and beliefs.

In each session, I pull resources from cognitive behavioral therapy, Martha Beck coach training, and neuroscience to help reframe how your thoughts are affecting your experience. We explore alternative modalities and ancient wisdom to find tools to use which fit your beliefs, abilities and needs. Plus I draw on my long history in theatre, management, and marketing to create concrete plans to move you forward.

As a Recovering Type-A, I like to ensure your sessions are productive, focused, and efficient.  Expect as much or more work outside our sessions as within:  it is not knowledge alone which changes your life, but putting the knowledge into practice. The key to stress relief is not just knowing the tools, but actively practicing them in your life.

Know that I can handle the most difficult situations. I was my toughest client. For years I suffered with stress which affected my health and happiness. My desire to help others, to be successful, and to be perfect kept me trapped in an unsatisfactory way of living. Through my own work, exploration, and changing habits I was able to break through the mindsets which were holding me back and to create a brand new way to live. After making my shift, my life has not been stress-free. I have had to deal with the exhaustion of caretaking, the loss of loved ones, the struggles of business ownership, major relocations, and all of the daily stressors our modern world provides. But using my Type Me tools I am able to minimize and manage the stress life throws at me. If I can do it, so can you.

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