Eliana Gilad

Feminine Leadership with Eliana Gilad

Our current society is based on one and then the masses. There are rating systems, popularity contests, gurus and their followers. The culture has taught us to doubt ourselves and to look for answers and expertise outside of ourselves. We believe that there is just one top position and that is what we should strive and fight for. Our belief is that we need someone else to tell us how things work or that we are worthy. We have lost trust in our self and our self-knowledge.

Eliana Gilad
Eliana Gilad

Feminine Leadership is a style and a viewpoint. It is not anti-men. It is not part of any religion or belief system. Feminine Leadership is new, or actually, an old way to approach the world. Feminine Leadership teaches us to know our internal power release our need and desire for ratings. This style of leadership helps us to come back in touch with our strength, inherent power, and unique talents. In trusting ourselves and expressing our unique voice, we can then be a more collaborative society. We would stop competing on one aspect and would instead learn to recognize and respect our unique gifs and how they come together for the whole.

Eliana Gilad has been learning to trust her inherent power for more than 20 years. The columniation of her learnings will be a series of books called Miriam’s Secret based on the biblical figure who prophesized Moses’ birth. In the first book, Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership, Eliana explores what Feminine Leadership is and how all of us, men and women, can benefit from this point of view.

For years, Eliana has focused on Voices of Eden which is a living experiment to connect and express our inner voices. In uncovering, releasing, embracing, and sharing our unique voices we can come together. Through Voices of Eden and her books, Eliana helps us to reconnect with that inner knowing, with the intuition we were born with and to learn how to use it to make our lives more joyful and free.

Listen in to this eye-opening discussion and learn how it can change how you see the world.

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Successful Professional Pitches with Joie Gharrity

Do you have a hard time explaining your business?

Do potential customers have a hard time finding the value in your service?

Do you have difficulty answering the question, “why you”?

Press HeadshotListen in as Joie Gharrity founder of No. 113 BRANDING explains the importance of a professional pitch and how to craft your own.

Joie worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for more than 15 years at top companies, such as The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures, in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment. She was encouraged and taught techniques and strategies by high-level mentors on how to express her unique point of view in both her professional and personal life, which she refers to as her “brand.”

As her brand grew stronger she gained greater visibility, presence and impact, which in turn gained her greater influence and rewards in her field. She was hand-picked by the ABC Studio President to join the Stage 9 team which launched the first multi-media startup business for The Walt Disney Company.

After returning to the Bay Area, Joie was inspired to launch No. 113 BRANDING. She integrates her techniques and strategic branding vision with both the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry for her clients. Her techniques and strategies gain them greater influence and higher levels of success.

Joie Gharrity is committed to helping professional women around the world leverage their unique personal and professional brand.

Listen in as she shares her 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Professional Pitch.

Muffin Top the movie

Women in Film – Cathryn Michon & Muffin Top the Movie

The other week I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs. I felt great about the talk, until I saw pictures of the evening posted online. At just under five foot tall, I am officially in the overweight category of my BMI. Usually I am ok with my body, and then sometimes I see a picture. Cathryn Michon was recently quoted in a Huffington Post article, “A recent survey in Glamour Magazine reveals that 97 out of 100 women have at least one negative thought about their bodies every day, which leads me to ask, ‘Really? Only one?’ and also, ‘are the other three women asleep?’”

Muffin Top the movieThere have been many stories lately about how women in the media are often photoshopped to make them into the “perfect woman.” These unrealistic expectations for the female body can do major damage to a girl’s or women’s self-esteem.  Thankfully there are those who are trying to bring a more realistic view of women into the media. It is time for us to see ourselves in person and on the big screen for who we are, warts and all, so we can embrace and love our authentic self.

I was lucky enough to have Cathryn Michon, writer, director and star of Muffin Top: A Love Story, join The Empowerment Show to talk about her film, women in Hollywood, and how women view their bodies. We discuss how women are portrayed, how they are missing in major film roles, and how they are missing behind the camera. The story Cathryn shares is not one of negativity but of hope. There is something we can do to help have more realistic female characters in film, increase the number of major roles for women, and increase the number of films made by women.

52% of the movie-going public are women. It is time for women to use their buying power to show studios that we want more films made by, with, and for women. Start today by supporting wonderful films like Muffin Top: A Love Story and Not Dead Yet. Use your purchasing power to change the face of women in media.

Listen below for an engaging discussion of women in film.  


Light Up a Room – Authentically: Catherine Johns

We all know someone with charisma pouring out of every pore.  The moment they walk into the room, their energy and presence are immediately felt by everyone.  They walk the earth with a spotlight on them at all times.  Then there are the rest of us.  The introverts, those of us that are shy, the wallflowers, individuals with deep understanding, compassion, and connection but on a one to one level.  Obviously public speaking comes easily to those who live in the spotlight, but what about the others?  What if you are one of those with a message to share but not a voice to share it?

Catherine Johns author of Show Up and Shine
Catherine Johns author of Show Up and Shine

Catherine Johns, Chicagoland radio personality turned speaker, has the answer.  In her new book Show Up & Shine:  Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence & Charisma Catherine explores practical ways for all types of people to boost their confidence through practical techniques. Listen to The Empowerment Show below to explore how to exploit your natural tendencies and become the powerful speaker you can be.  Wouldn’t you like to increase your confidence and charisma?


– Ways you can improve your presence, even if you are a wallflower
– How charisma can be learned and tips to improve your charisma
– How your physical presence can grow your confidence and shrink your stress on a physiological level


HerStory – Barbara Joan Zeitz records women’s history

Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less. – Myra Pollack Sadker

As I was browsing The National Women’s History Project website, I ran across this quote.  It was so powerful to me – especially in light of the incredible story of Mala Yousafzai.  Mala is a teenage girl who was just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  At the age of 14, she stood up for everyone’s right to education, at the risk of her own death.  It is a powerful story, but she is just one of many amazing women through the ages.

Unfortunately the accomplishments and courageous actions of so many women have been minimized, erased or ignored over the years.  Women have done much, but they never seem to receive the attention they deserve.  More importantly than the achievements of one woman is the realization of how a womanless history has led to women to believe they are less than men.

A Thesaurus of Women From Cherry Blossoms to Cell PhonesListen below for an eye-opening discussion with Barbara Joan Zeitz women’s historian, author and presenter as we explore the importance of women’s history and how to keep our stories alive.

We will also touch on some important women who have been forgotten and recently revived in the book, A Thesaurus of Women From Cherry Blossoms to Cell Phones.  Women like the 1964 Olympic gold medalist who could not obtain a US college athletic scholarship because none existed for women or like 17th century Mexican who wanted to pretend to be a boy so she could go to school.  Like the woman who developed occupational safety and health standards for others while she worked under gender-abusive standards or like the scientific women behind the DNA helix and wireless communication technology but never received credit.


The Reluctant Leader – From Stuck to Unstoppable

From an early age Rae Luskin allowed her life story to be written by someone else.  All she heard and believed where what her family, society, and the media told her: “Don’t aim too high.” “Be happy you have a job.” “You can’t be too thin.” “Don’t tell anyone you were abused.” “You have the perfect life, you should be happy.”

The Winning AdventureAfter years and years believing someone else’s truth, Rae finally decided to write her own life story – and change the life stories of others.  She is now a speaker, author, artist, and activist.  She stands up for those who have been bullied or sexually abused.  She navigates the world as an independent, happy, single woman.  She navigated the complex health care system for an ailing mother.  And she started a new business at the young age of 62.

Listen to The Empowerment Show below to hear Rae’s inspiring story and to learn how to move from Stuck to Unstoppable.  Rae will share with us seven (7) ways to change old patterns and spark new breakthroughs.  Hope you enjoy this inspiring and empowering episode.   Are you a Reluctant Leader?