Melissa Pettignano

Following Your Dreams with Melissa Pettignano

At 26 Melissa Pettignano is launching her second book and her first album. She is a shining example of how a positive attitude and a deep faith can help us move mountains.

Melissa Pettignano
Melissa Pettignano

The Empowerment Show host Melissa Heisler and Melissa Pettignano discuss how to be a driving force to bring good into the world. Even when others may attack you, responding with love, understanding, and compassion can heal wounds. Staying positive brings more positivity into your life. Through forgiveness we free ourselves from negativity and create a space for self-care. Through understanding and accepting our differences and similarities we can come back together as one human family.

Learn more about author and performer Melissa Pettignano, the People of Distinction Humanitarian Award, and the charities she supports including the Homelessness Group and Persecution International Christian Concern. Melissa’s first book is Suzanne Lantana.

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The Empowerment Show

The Energy of Emotion – Donna Scott-Nusrala

Ever have someone walk into the room and you can feel their anger – or their joy?

Do you know people who seem to always have great opportunities just happen to them? And others who always get the short end of the stick?

Could your life be affected by what you are unconsciously projecting?

In Donna Scott-Nusrala’s new book, The Energy of Emotion, she shows how the emotion energy we project can affect our lives for better or worse and how we can reprogram our emotions to create a better life.

We broadcast energy through our emotions. This can be either positive or negative. The more positive energy we have the more we attract positive energy. Negative energy attracts those things we don’t necessarily want. Most of the time we are not aware of the emotional energy we are projecting and how that affects our life. But there is a way to change your broadcast and change your experience.

By acknowledging how your energy affects your life you can then be empowered to make a difference in your life. You do not have to be a victim of circumstances nor do you have to attack yourself for what you are unconsciously bringing to you. Once you accept that you have created unconsciously what you have in your life based on what you have learned and experienced in the past, you now have the power to make new choices and broadcast what you really want to receive.

Listen in to this eye-opening and life changing show.

Messages from a Near Death Experience with Neva Balduff

After a back surgery, Neva Balduff’s blood pressure dropped very low and doctors told her family things were grave. But not for Neva because she was not in her body. Hearing the words, “Let it go, let it go, set it free, set it free,” Neva then ascended into the sky. She did not experience a tunnel or a bright light. Instead two guides showed her the earth as she had never seen it before, an unimaginable beauty. She then experienced unconditional love and the promise, “My friend, there is so much more.”

Neva Balduff

Afterward she was afraid to tell her story. She was afraid of what her friends, family, and church community would say. In time, however, she began to tell her story and met others who experienced a near death experience but were also afraid of sharing their experience with the public. This event changed her life forever. It changed her outlook on life and the way she led her life. One of the ways it changed her life is she began to receive music. The music would appear as a thought in her mind and then she would work to record what she heard. This was just one of the ways there was “so much more” ahead for her.

Decades later her husband had a heart arrhythmia and fell. He survived but was never the same mentally. His could function in some ways, but his thinking was not clear. Like many spouses turned caretakers, the experience was difficult for Neva. All too often an illness is as hard or harder on the caretaker than the patient. She turned to prayer and meditation for support. Then she began waking up in the middle of the night with a compulsion to write. The words that came through her were not her own. They were a comfort to her during this time of stress. She collected these poems into the book, Uncommon Prayers for an All-too-Common Journey, so that others could feel the support and relief she did through these words.

Now at 80 years old she has removed all fear. She is no longer afraid of death as she believes it is simply a transition to another form of life. She still expects “so much more” and knows she will receive it as long as she is an open channel for inspiration. Her goal and wish for us is that we “Leave this earth more fully alive than you have ever been.”

Listen to this inspiring and thought-provoking interview. 



A Witch's Aura

Medical Issues Lead to a Writing Career – Devon Volkel

A young mother experiences a difficult birth and illness of her first child and then a difficult choice when her own illness affects her next pregnancy. Learn how writing became a saving grace and sense of hope during this difficult time.

A Witch's AuraDevon Volkel is now a 30 year old stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy named Gauge. After a very hard start into this world, Gauge reminds her daily of what strength really is. When her son was only three, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and has been in treatment ever since. Thankfully the cancer is in remission. But unfortunately just when they thought things were looking up, Gauge was diagnosed with Type One diabetes. After yet another terrifying stay in the hospital, their little family fights on.

Through it all, writing was Devon’s solace. Writing is her passion. It continues to be her bliss and light whenever she experiences the darkest corners imaginable. The world she created on the page is the light in her dark. Devon hopes in sharing her stories she can bring light to many, many more.

Devon’s first book, A Witch’s Aura, can be found on Goodreads, Amazon, and Penrose Publishing.

Listen in as author, writer, and cancer survivor Devon Volkel talks about hope, determination, and recovery.


The Empowerment Show

Reality Versus Illusion – Paranormal Magician Joe Diamond

You may be asking yourself, “What is a magician doing on The Empowerment Show?” The answer is that Joe Diamond’s magic empowers us to open our minds, awareness, and sixth sense.

Joe’s brand of magic blends technique with showmanship, but his special ingredient is a touch of intuition. During performances he reads minds, pulls intimate details about a person just by holding one of their items, and uses audience members to guide him using only his sixth sense. And he has done amazing things. While blindfolded he has completed a corn maze, found a coin in a movie, and found a coin in a cemetery where he then proceeded to “read” the gravestone. 

He likes to call his brand of magic “paranormal” because it is outside the normal, but it is not supernatural or extra-natural. What Joe does is use genuine intuition to tune into his audience so he can gather information from them. He is quick to say that he does not talk to the dead or commune with any spirits, but does receive guidance from another source. An ability we can all utilize with some awareness and practice.

Awareness, or lack thereof, also plays an important part in his and most magic. When we are focused on the facts or the main event, we often miss out on what is happening during transitions. In our lives by being more aware, we can see those things we often miss and may be more important than where we are focusing.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, watching Joe perform can encourage you to question what you see, what you believe, and what is possible.

Open your mind and listen to the lively discussion with Joe Diamond Paranormal Magician below. Then be sure to check out his website or see him live in Chicago.


Thank you to the Arlington Heights Memorial Library for the use of their studio.

Eliana Gilad

First There Was Sound – Healing through Ancient Music with Eliana Gilad

Eliana Gilad joins us from Jerusalem especially for Christmas week to share with us the power and history of sound.  Eliana is a motivational speaker, teacher, composer, performer and founder of Voices of Eden Ancient Healing and Transformational Music. She is dedicated to her life’s work to revive the conscious use of voice and rhythm as natural healing instruments.  Eliana is a frequent keynote presenter, teacher and performer at healing music, medical, and peace conferences throughout the world including the UN, The Chopra Center, and TEDx.  She is also author to Rhythms of the Natural Voice – Sound Healing with Hebrew Meditation Workbook and Quiet in the Eye of the Storm:  Living Peace in a War Zone

Eliana Gilad
Eliana Gilad

Sound is the essence of all matter and the spark of all creation.  It emerges from a place of silence and exists without cognitive thought.  Sound is our essence and our soul.  This is why, when we are disempowered, it is said we have “lost our voice.”  Our voice, our sound is the expression of our soul.  This is also why there is such a fear of public speaking, for when we speak we vulnerably express our soul, our being to others. 

Listen below to learn more about sound and how its role in ancient times is reemerging.  Learn how sound created through friction and conflict mirrors our own life and transformation and encourages us to embrace conflict in order to find harmony and peace.  Experience for yourself the power of sound coming out of silence as Eliana plays a piece for empowerment.  Be empowered to look inside yourself for answers instead of the quick fix promises of outside forces. 

You can hear more of Eliana’s music on YouTube or download it from her own site, and you can also learn about her upcoming book, Miram’s Secret.

Be sure to share your thoughts and reactions to our discussion and this ancient healing music.