Treating Your Body Right – Robin Westen on The Empowerment Show

“My body is not me. Its mine.” Dahn Yoga

How are you treating the vessel carrying you around? Are you giving it love and care or are you filling it with no so good things?

YOGA BODY CLEANSE COVERIn this episode we learn the importance of conscious eating and taking the time to cleanse our digestive system. Caring for our bodies also includes clearing our minds through meditation, using deep breathing for stress relief, releasing our monkey mind chatter, and acknowledging our emotions without judgment.

robin westenRobin Westen talks about having a respect for our bodies and learning how to care for it properly. Robin received an Emmy Award for the ABC health show FYI. She is currently the medical director for, the largest health site for baby boomers on the web. She is the author of the Harvard Medical School Guide Getting Your Child To Eat (Almost) Anything, Ten Days to Detox, V is for Vagina (coauthored with Alyssa Dweck, MD), and her most recent books The Yoga-Body Cleanse: A 7-Day Ayurvedic Detox to Rejuvenate Your Body and Calm Your Mind and The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse: A Weekly Detox Program to Boost Energy, Lose Weight and Maintain Optimal Health. She’s written featured articles for dozens of national magazines including Glamour, Vegetarian Times, Psychology Today, SELF, Cosmopolitan, and others. Robin has been practicing yoga, meditation, and cleansing for over fifteen years.   

Listen in to this lively discussion of what it takes to be health mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Sue Bock

Thriving Through Transition – Sue Bock

Breast cancer thriver, Sue Bock, joins The Empowerment Show to talk about how to make the most of life’s transitions. Sue supports people going through transitions like empty nesters, divorce, sandwich generation, and cancer survivors. What they all have in common is intense stress and feeling overwhelmed.

Sue Bock
Sue Bock

Sue shares her personal experience and how she learned the importance of sharing a serious illness. Many of us don’t want to bother or worry others with our challenges and problems, but it is important to ask for help. It is important because one needs support during a major illness because we can’t do what we used to. It is important to also ask for and receive help because providing a ride or a meal may be the only way for our loved ones to show how much they care. Receiving help is as important to the patient as it is for the giver.

“Breast cancer doesn’t define you. It frees you to arrive at different choices.” For Sue, breast cancer opened her eyes to a new way to be. She was no longer a nurse. She now had the title of patient. It was hard for her to lose professional role and didn’t know who she was without. It awakened her to the importance of not being defined by a role or situation. You are not your job title. You are not your role as parent or spouse. You are you. By removing the labels you can release yourself to be truly you. This is a great lesson for anyone going through a transition, including those who are in job transition, that we are not a label or a title.

Sue Bock offers a book specifically to help those who are on the path to being a cancer thriver, Life After Cancer Ebook

Be sure to listen until the end of this uplifting show for a special offer from Sue. To take advantage of the offer you can reach Sue at: 925-806-0316,


A Witch's Aura

Medical Issues Lead to a Writing Career – Devon Volkel

A young mother experiences a difficult birth and illness of her first child and then a difficult choice when her own illness affects her next pregnancy. Learn how writing became a saving grace and sense of hope during this difficult time.

A Witch's AuraDevon Volkel is now a 30 year old stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy named Gauge. After a very hard start into this world, Gauge reminds her daily of what strength really is. When her son was only three, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and has been in treatment ever since. Thankfully the cancer is in remission. But unfortunately just when they thought things were looking up, Gauge was diagnosed with Type One diabetes. After yet another terrifying stay in the hospital, their little family fights on.

Through it all, writing was Devon’s solace. Writing is her passion. It continues to be her bliss and light whenever she experiences the darkest corners imaginable. The world she created on the page is the light in her dark. Devon hopes in sharing her stories she can bring light to many, many more.

Devon’s first book, A Witch’s Aura, can be found on Goodreads, Amazon, and Penrose Publishing.

Listen in as author, writer, and cancer survivor Devon Volkel talks about hope, determination, and recovery.


Melissa Heisler

Empowering You to Empower Yourself – Melissa Heisler

Empowerment means the power of choice. Empowerment is about courage. It is the belief that we are in control of our experience. Empowerment is not about labeling good or bad, but about actively choosing what makes us happy in each and every moment. The journey to empowerment and great health is not linear and there is no quick fix. The journey is cyclical. There is a progression. We make a commitment, we make progress, we overcome new challenges, and we repeat. Each time, we move inch by inch to a better and better life. Our purpose is to experience the good, the bad and the ugly. Each challenge is an opportunity to go deeper.  Challenges are not setbacks but new lessons to help us expand and grow.

After years of my own physical and emotional health issues, I finally found relief through a mystical trip to Peru, but Shamanism was not the answer to a joyful healthy life. The answer is that I – You – We all have great health available to us right now. We have the power to uncover and embrace this health – mentally, physically, and emotionally. To uncover our health, we first need to accept that we are not broken. Yes, we may not be feeling our best, but we are not broken, diseased, or a victim of circumstances.

Melissa Heisler
Melissa Heisler

So much of our culture is focused on disease – having it, preventing it, suffering from it. Because of this, we see ourselves as broken, imperfect, and hopeless. In fact, we are not broken or hopeless.  We are simply out of alignment.  Beliefs, thoughts, perspectives, and actions are blocking us from our perfect health. The process of healing is to rediscover our health. Health is about making choice after choice to get us closer to alignment and what truly makes us feel good.

I am a recovering Type-A and am passionate about helping others release their stress, uncover perfect health, and embrace a more joyful life. We are all survivors in one way or another. Through our survival we are given tools to help, support, and comfort others. When we know we are not alone, it gives us the courage to make changes in our life.  We all have a powerful message. Through our stories we empower.

Learn how you can help share Melissa’s story and reduce the amount of stress in the world. 

Listen to this engaging episode to learn the impetus of The Empowerment Show and Melissa’s mission to help empower individuals to empower themselves and others. Big thanks to Jennifer Welker as she takes the guest host role so I can take the hot seat and share more of my journey and beliefs.


Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak

Mind-Body Medicine with Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak

After a being misdiagnosed by thirty (30) doctors and experiencing side effects from the fourteen (14) medications, Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak took back her health and completely healed naturally.  Today she now helps others return to health using modern and ancient techniques.

We do not need to be a victim of our genes.  We are not powerless in changing our experience of life and health.  We have innate knowledge as to own healing capabilities. 

Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak
Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak

Modern medicine and insurance separate us into parts when in truth all of our systems overlap and intertwine.  There is no separation between mind and body.  When we can begin to look at ourselves from an overall perspective, we can find healing not solely from medications but from changing nutrition, community involvement, detox, exercise, meditation, creativity, and a host of other options.  Our minds and bodies are continuously sending us messages.  By learning to hear and respond to these messages, we can find ways to make positive changes in our lives through lifestyle changes.  Instead of masking pain, there are ways to listen and learn from one’s discomfort in order to make long-lasting changes to the level of health we experience.

Listen to this powerful conversation about the Mind-Body Connection to learn about psychoneuroimmulogy and Indian Ayuveda, to learn how our gut and our heart receptors are providing as much insight into our health as our brains, and how we have the ability to go “beyond our genes” by affecting how our genes express themselves.

Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak and Melissa Heisler discuss new findings about ancient healing practices and how you can use these to take back your health.


The Empowerment Show

Healthcare System Loop of Self-Destruction Anatoliy Pak

There is a lot of talk these days about the healthcare system and what can be done to provide more insurance to individuals in need.  But what if the concept of insurance was actually one of the problems with the United States healthcare system?  What if the problem was seeing Western medicine critical care as the fix to functional health problems?  What if the problem is our reliance on diagnostics versus the knowing of our own body?

The Empowerment ShowWhen I was experiencing major medical issues a decade ago, medical professionals and specialists performed a myriad of diagnostics but none could determine my illness, because at that time there was no diagnosable illness.  I was in the preliminary stages of illness.  I had just noticed that I was not functioning as well as I had before.  If I would have followed normal thinking, I would have simply taken more and more painkillers until years later the intensity of my symptoms lead to a major breakdown of my systems to a point doctors could remove organs or prescribe medications.  Thankfully, I looked for other ways to improve my well-being before it became too severe.   

Learn how my experience is just one of many individuals who are not served by our current viewpoint on healthcare.  Listen to this powerful episode of The Empowerment Show when Melissa Heisler is joined by Anatoliy Pak to discuss the Healthcare System Loop of Self-Destruction.  Learn how our current system is based on critical care which leads to individuals waiting until they are truly ill before seeking care, leading to more complications and higher costs.  Learn how to rely on your body’s warning signals versus medical diagnostic tools.

Change your thinking:

  • Focus on being healthier versus just being sick less
  • Focus on your wellbeing versus diagnostics
  • See human health from a broader viewpoint
  • Western medicine is a powerful tool to save lives with critical care, but is not meant for daily care
  • Explore a variety of approaches and modalities which can help you maintain daily health