Overcoming Fear in Your Personal and Professional Life with Dale Spencer

Is there something you are afraid of?

Is there something you are afraid to face?

Dale Spencer
Dale Spencer

Dale Spencer had to face his fears, in order to recreate his life. Dale was leading the life of an average college student when at the age of 20 an unforeseen injury changed his life forever. Left paralyzed, Dale had to adapt to new ways of doing everyday tasks, getting around, interacting with people, finishing college and entering the workforce. He shares of he needed to come to terms with his dependence on others and how his injury changed the path of his life.

By using simple techniques to keep his fear in check and his mind focused, Dales has been able to achieve his life goals. Dale has triumphed over adversity and risen to the top of his profession, he continues to give back to his community, grow and take on new challenges. There are four key areas where the emotion of fear dwells: professional, social, mental and physical. Dale has identified the necessary building blocks to overcome fear and achieve success, regardless of what form fear takes.

Now Dale’s mission is to help all of us realize we have the necessary tools to achieve success, regardless of our circumstances. Dale now speaks for the ThinkFirst Injury Prevention and how he found a new purpose in educating others in critical thinking and problem solving. Learn more about Dale.


Being a Subtle Shark in Your Career – Ayesha R. Patterson

Ayesha R. Patterson
Ayesha R. Patterson, author of The Subtle Shark: Redefining Career Advancement

Starting out in your career?

Want to make the most of your position?

Want to find the ideal job?

Listen to this lively discussion about finding an authentic and appropriate job even in this difficult economy. Then, once you have landed a new job how do you make the most of the position you are in, especially if it is less than idea.  How do you move up in a company?   How do you find the right mentor?  What are the important ins and outs of making the most of your career?

Ayesha R. Patterson shares her thoughts about making the most of your career through her 20 experience moving from part-time cashier into leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. Her new book “The Subtle Shark: Redefining Career Achievement” outlines her experience, learnings, lessons, and advice.

Looking for a new job and want to make the most of it? Listen in below.


Susyn Reeve

Leading an Inspired Life – Susyn Reeve

Are you leading an inspired life?  A life where you are fulfilling your passion and purpose.  A life where your unique gifts support and give to others.  Susyn Reeve hopes so and if you are not, she can show you how.

Susyn Reeve
Susyn Reeve

With 40 years of experience as a Leadership & Executive Development Coach & Mentor and Self Esteem Expert, Susyn Reeve helps individuals from Fortune 100 companies as well as physicians, attorneys, and educators find their Inspired List.  She now also supports those looking for their inspired life through her best-selling book, The Inspired Life:  Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity for Joy, and her radio show, The On Purpose Show: Your Path to Fulfilling LifeWork.

During this engaging show, we talk about our core inherent purposes, how to uncover them, accept them, and manage their transformation over time.  Susyn and I discuss how to avoid regret and attacking ourselves for wasted time so we can focus on starting to live our inspired life now.  Susyn provides examples of others who found that their “outside” success was unfulfilling propelling them toward finding their inherent purpose-driven success.  Learn how commitment, intent, and acknowledgement can lead you to the life you dream about.

If you find yourself unhappy with your current life and career, listen in to learn how you too can find your passion-filled, purpose-based inspired life.

If success was guaranteed, what would you be doing?


Light Up a Room – Authentically: Catherine Johns

We all know someone with charisma pouring out of every pore.  The moment they walk into the room, their energy and presence are immediately felt by everyone.  They walk the earth with a spotlight on them at all times.  Then there are the rest of us.  The introverts, those of us that are shy, the wallflowers, individuals with deep understanding, compassion, and connection but on a one to one level.  Obviously public speaking comes easily to those who live in the spotlight, but what about the others?  What if you are one of those with a message to share but not a voice to share it?

Catherine Johns author of Show Up and Shine
Catherine Johns author of Show Up and Shine

Catherine Johns, Chicagoland radio personality turned speaker, has the answer.  In her new book Show Up & Shine:  Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence & Charisma Catherine explores practical ways for all types of people to boost their confidence through practical techniques. Listen to The Empowerment Show below to explore how to exploit your natural tendencies and become the powerful speaker you can be.  Wouldn’t you like to increase your confidence and charisma?


– Ways you can improve your presence, even if you are a wallflower
– How charisma can be learned and tips to improve your charisma
– How your physical presence can grow your confidence and shrink your stress on a physiological level


Between Doors – Uncovering What’s Next in a Mid-Life Career Crisis

There are so many wise old sayings out there that are powerful – and that can also trigger many of my clients.  One of them is when one door closes another door opens.  It is a true statement.  It can be a powerful to believe.  It can give hope. It can also be angering when the time between the one door closing and the other door opening is long and drawn out seeming like an eternity with no end.  It is frustrating to be in that dark hallway between what was known and is now gone, and what exciting new opportunity is on the horizon but has not yet materialized.  It is a difficult time especially when the transitional time revolves around one’s job.  There are added stressors of financial stability and self-worth. Has a guiding dream lost its spark? Has once inspiring work begun to feel stale? Does your work or your life feel too small for what you are becoming? Have you found yourself forced into a time of career transition? Do you dream of work that is more true, more vital and more fully you? Is what is next for your professionally unclear?

Rikk Hansen
Rikk Hansen

Listen below as Rikk Hansen, one of the nation’s leading mid-career renewal experts, talks about that dark place of questioning, confusion, and the unknown, and how to move into a new success map for what is next. This is a terrific episode for anyone who is re-evaluating their career, who has been thrown into a job search, or who is exploring the idea of being an entrepreneur.  Learn how to navigate that dark hallway, tune into the truth of what is next for you, and, as Rikk says, become your Brilliant Next.


Joie Gharrity

Personal Branding for your career or business with Joie Gharrity

This week I had the honor of working with a local networking group.  Together we uncovered the group’s personal brand.  There are so many networking groups out there, this group wanted to stand out.  They wanted to really promote what made them special.  The key to finding what made them special was getting to the heart of the group.  We did this by identifying Who, What, How, and Why. Who do they serve?  Not everyone, but those people they truly relate to; their tribe if you will. What do they provide?  Not just networking but those value-added, what’s in it for me benefits. How do they do it?  What are they ways they provide what they provide? Why do they do it?  What is their mission?  What is their heart? This is the process I took the network group through to find their authentic voice.  There is a similar process I use to when I am working with a client who is looking for their career or to start a new business.  We start from within and identify their unique authentic self and build forward from there.

Joie GharrityJoie Gharrity founder of No. 113 Branding integrates her techniques and strategic branding vision with both the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry for her clients.  Her techniques and strategies gain them greater influence and higher levels of success along with more confidence in their personal and professional lives.   Are you in sales?  Do you have your own business?  Are you looking to differentiate yourself in your job?  Do you feel you don’t know who you are?  Listen below to learn more about personal branding and how it can help you personally and professionally.