Are you caught up in a lengthy to-do list?

Does caring for others take precedence over your needs?

Have the demands of work and your responsibilities at home taken over every minute of your day?

In this fast-paced, multitasking world we often find ourselves overworked, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and depleted. We give until it hurts. And it does hurt. But we don’t know how to get off the high speed merry-go-round of responsibilities. We begrudgingly accept that life is meant to be difficult. We resign ourselves to accepting we will only receive scarce moments of brief joy. We believe we can not ask for more.

Is it time to stop “doing” your life and really start living it?

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Find more time every day.
  • Juggle your responsibilities between work and home.
  • Find balance between your personal and professional lives.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Repair intimate relationships damaged by lack of time due to obligations.
  • Better handle difficult people in your life.
  • Uncover joy and passion again.
  • Revitalize your career and business.
  • Experience success.

Is it time to reclaim your career, business, or personal life? 
The on-the-go, constantly connected, high demanding world we now live in has created lifestyles we can hardly keep up with. We move from one task to another – with hardly a moment in between to think. We have stopped living and are mired in doing. We may have a life, but we are no longer living our life.

Isn’t it time you started living again?

What if you could:

  • Feel you are in control and contributing to the world without having lists and deadlines rule your life.
  • Complete everything needing to be done, but in a way that is much better for your physical health and your enjoyment of life.
  • Enjoy life instead of feeling you are flying through it task by task.
  • Experience and enjoy accomplishments without having to burn yourself out.

As you adapt the Type-Me Habits, you will begin to see yourself as less of a victim, and more of a conscious chooser of your experience. Through adapting the Type-Me Habits you will:

  • Find a way to fulfill your obligations and still have time for yourself.
  • Be able to maintain a sense of self while still being a caretaker.
  • Be able to receive what you desire without guilt or justification.
  • Be able to remain powerful, calm, and energized, even in the face of incredible challenges.

Is it time to improve your career, business, or personal life? 

“I hired and continue to work with Melissa as my life and business coach. She is amazing! She opened my eyes and gave me the tools to see the world differently. I recommend her to friends and colleagues regularly. Regardless of your current awareness, Melissa will help you see yourself clearly and live your best life every day! Take the opportunity to work with her. It is life altering! – Roni Weiner Pressler, IL

De-Stressed WomanBecoming Type Me means releasing those behaviors not working for us, causing us stress, and damaging relationships. Becoming Type Me means gaining more of life. You gain the space to find more time, more joy, and more ease with your projects. Type Me reduces stress, allowing for better health mentally and physically. As a Type Me personality, you will gain more joy in your relationships, and in all you do.

The Type-Me Framework shows you a new way to approach life. Instead of trying to control every situation and everyone around you, you can learn to control how you experience what is happening around you. Think about your life. Have you really been able to control others or situations? If you did, was the experience joyful and free, or was it filled with constraint, frustration, and discomfort? True freedom from stress lies in changing how you approach life. The practical, no-nonsense Type-Me Habits help you feel safe, fulfilled, healthy, calm, relaxed, self-assured, decisive, clear-minded, flexible, and joyful.

Type-Me Habits:

  • Are down to earth and relatable, making them easy to implement into your life.
  • Are frank, honest, and practical, providing a clear understanding of why and how you can make immediate changes to your life.
  • Were developed by a recovering Type A, so they are pragmatic, concise, efficient, and effective.
  • Guide you to take responsibility for your experience.

Instead of trying to change others or circumstances, you learn the power of adjusting your focus, perceptions, and judgments to control how you experience and live. Through Type-Me Habits, you will improve your mental and physical health, increase mental clarity, more easily deal with difficult people, and find peace in your current work situation. It is time to get back into the driver’s seat of your life. Embracing Type-Me Habits will provide you with true power and control over your life.

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The Type-Me Framework was created to not only educate you about a new way of being, but designed to support you as you integrate the learnings into your own unique life. Whether you want to take back your life, uncover your dream job, or maximize your business, you will learn how to create a new way of being for success, happiness, and well-being.

Type-Me programs are not cookie-cutter, one size fits all, or rigid. These programs were created to guide you through a personal experience of awakening and empowerment. The curriculum provided is a foundational platform from which you explore your unique version of Type Me. The webinars and online programs help you to explore and create your own answers. The packages include the opportunity to work one-on-one with me so I can guide you through your journey.

“Melissa Heisler has words of wisdom to share for people of all walks of life. She has a keen way of getting to the point and recommending solutions to the key issues. I found her work inspiring and have maintained many of her exercises in my daily business and personal dealings. She is also available to her clients. I live on the West Coast and she has been happy to schedule phone sessions that work with my schedule and time zone. Past that, I can tell you she is a caring person, who won’t let even the littlest doubt go unanswered. I recommend Melissa with the highest regard.” – Sam Hull, Transmedia Artist

Are you interested in improving your business, career, or personal life?

stress reductionThe secret to change is not knowledge but implementing that knowledge. Counselors, psychologists, coaches, and other wellness practitioners are terrific at creating momentary positive experiences. You attend a seminar, workshop, or weekend retreat where you learn new skills and ways of being. As you receive new information during the event you feel better, powerful, and joyful. But the day after the event as you become caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern life, you are back to old unhelpful habits.

The dirty little secret to self-improvement, according to neuropyschologist Dr. Rick Hanson, is that workshops, books, and counselors are good at creating positive experiences, but bad at making them long-lasting. This is where learning the Type-Me Daily Habits comes in.

Type-Me Daily Habits are designed to help you not only have a great experience in the moment, but to create permanent change in the deepest part of your brain, the brain now mired in stress, fear, worry, and anxiety. The Type-Me Habits are designed to help you be more open, joyful, and aware of opportunities. To make lasting changes requires consciousness, diligence, and repetition.

Through adapting the Type-Me Habits, you will begin to see yourself as less of a victim and more of a conscious chooser of your experience.

Isn’t it time you took back your life?

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