2020 Vision

According to All About Vision, 20/20 vision may not be what we think it is. In fact, although commonly used, the term is a bit off.

The term 20/20 vision actually refers to “visual acuity” or the ability to read letters on a standardized test. This is the standard eye chart test we have all taken. What is interesting is that the test only determines the quality of your sight in strict, high contrast conditions. It can not determine the quality of your vision if there is no contrast between the object and background, if there are colors present not just black and white, and it can not show your quality of sight if the objects are moving.

Often our lives are the same way. We see in black and white. We make decisions based on a static situation. We break things down to simple components and assume that life will mirror the pristine environment. And we are wrong. Life is messy, chaotic, ever-changing. What worked for us yesterday may not work for us today. What we thought we wanted, once achieved, is not satisfying. What we thought was a lifetime, becomes only a matter of moments.

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The All About Vision article goes on to define “vision” as a more far-reaching term. Vision includes the same visual acuity sharpness of seeing and the generic ability to see called eyesight, and adds in contrast, movement, depth perception, and more.

What I’d like to offer you in in the year 2020 is not just the ability to see where you are, is not just the clarity of what you want in a controlled environment, but to learn how to define and obtain your dreams in the crazy, ever-changing world we live in.

  • Is it finally time to stop doing business as usual and take a few moments to review if your life is where you want it?
  • Would you like a hand in remodeling your life by your values?
  • Is it time to stop pleasing others and to learn how to accept your worth?
  • Are you ready and willing to take a babystep in the direction of your dreams?

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Discovery Session

Is working together the right move? Let’s chat for 20 minutes, explore what your current situation is, and determine the right way to work together – or what other resources can give you a helping hand. Set up your free Discovery Session today!

Coaching Process

The coaching process I use is unique for each individual because every individual is unique; however there are some steps in common.

  • Before we meet for the first time, the client fills out a prework booklet.  This booklet is a brief history of that client’s life.  As a recovering Type-A, I like to move quickly so instead of spending the first few sessions getting to know the client, this booklet speeds things up so we can dig right into uncovering the client’s life purpose or relieving the client’s stress.
  • During sessions we usually just talk.  Sometimes I talk more, sometimes the client does.
  • After the session, I send homework which I like to call Life Work because it is for the client, not for me or for a grade.  The Life Work may be written work to help the client see things in a new light, it may be growing awareness of reactions and behaviors, or it may be creating new habits. Any written work is emailed back before we meet for the next session.
life coaching

Usually I meet with clients every other week to allow enough time to complete the Life Work.  If the client wants to move faster, we can do every week.  I try not to go further than three weeks as we seem to lose momentum the longer time between sessions.

Read more about my Coaching Process.

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The work we did together provided me with new strategies to cope with challenges in my personal life and the confidence to move forward in my professional life.”

“In just a few sessions, Melissa has done what years of self-help books, magazine articles, and even therapy could not: helped me understand that I really can choose joy, each and every day, and let go of my all-consuming worries about family, finances, and the future.”

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