Even in Paradise, Nothing’s Perfect

If you have been reading my posts or following me on Facebook, you have learned about my husband’s and my incredible journey to our new lives in Mexico. We are thrilled we took the risk and are enjoying reaping the rewards.

IMAG0502We are living in an amazing home with a pool which overlooks the Mar de Cortez and the famous Land’s End Arch. The coldest November evening has still been twenty to thirty degrees warmer than the high’s in our old home of Chicago. We have had some rain but the majority of days are sunny with tiny wispy white clouds. The local people here are amazing – friendly, warm and welcoming. Every meal is heavenly with fresh unprocessed foods and the right amount of spice. Every sunrise, sunset, and unexpected glance at the coast makes us feel blessed.

But nothing is perfect.

September’s heat and humidity gave both my husband and I a touch of heat stroke. We have experienced our first hurricane threat. Although we came down here for the laid-back culture, sometimes the no shows and delays can be frustrating. Finding certain products we need can be like a treasure hunt. Mail takes weeks to be delivered. And it is not just learning a new culture, we also experience challenges because we ourselves did not magically transform when we crossed the border. We brought with us all of our old limiting beliefs and personality struggles. We are living in paradise but our lives are not picture book perfect.

Does this mean you should not take a risk to have a better life? No!

Going after your dream life is well worth it. We are thrilled with our choice to move and know we have made the right decision coming down here. My point is simply making the move does not create an immediate Disney magical ending. It is the difference between living your life and having a life. On paper the life we have is perfect. In reality the life we live is challenging.

Having a life is the misconception that as soon as we have a new job, a new house, a new city, a new love, that our lives will be perfect and worry-free. The desire for perfectionism necessitates life to stop, to freeze-frame in that one perfect moment. A stopped life is no longer living. Perfection is an illusion. Life is ever changing. Life is ever evolving. Life is messy. When we expect perfectionism and the lack of challenges, we become depressed when faced by the reality of life. The truth of life is there are challenges – loss, change, betrayal, and the unknown.

To truly live means to face challenges – big and small – with our best selves. Are we centered? Are we reacting from clarity or raw emotion? Are we able to see the whole picture or just our victimization? Are we able to pick ourselves up after a difficulty? Are we able to be compassionate towards others struggling? Can we still love life when everything is not cookie-cutter perfect? Can we see each challenge as an opportunity to shine versus a disappointment to complain about?

We learn, grow, and share our gifts with the world not through the most perfect day ever, but by being our most perfect unique self no matter the circumstances. My challenge to you is to make this day, no matter what else is going on, the best it can be.

If you are looking to shed your desire for perfectionism and begin creating the beautiful life you want to live, join me for a retreat in paradise.


  1. Yep, life is messy! And amazing! Nothing is ever totally like you expect it to be either but, there’s the adventure of it. Enjoy the holidays in a different culture!

    1. Yes Judy, life is messy and not perfect – and that is what makes it wonderful. Once we release the desire for control and instead focus on the excitement of the adventure we lead much richer lives. ¡Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo!

  2. Great article, Melissa. I can so relate to what you say and very much agree that the risks are well worth it. Stepping outside the “box” and comfort zone are so rewarding. Risking almost always means walking away from things we love and value, that’s just part of the process of change. We don’t need to be kicked in the butt in order to change our lives. So glad you are enjoying your new life – I’ve never been to Cabo but it looks beautiful. I do know the frustrations of the culture from my experiences in Peru. But again, there are many aspects of it that are very refreshing. Happy Holidays! I love your Christmas decorations. Even experiencing Christmas in a warm environment takes some getting used to.

    1. Great to hear from you Ginger! Yes, you have taken a risk to pickup shop and move to a new state. It seems to be easier to stay in our routine and what we know, but I also think it stifles us from becoming all we are meant to be. Glad you are finding the rewards for your risk. And thanks, we are loving our life down here as well. Dealing with a new culture is becoming more of a joy than a frustration. Seeing life through another’s culture is very eye-opening. And definitely enjoying our first eighty-degree Christmas! Happiest of holidays to you!

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