Taking a Risk

When was the last time you took a risk to get what your heart truly craves?

All too often we are so consumed by the stress and responsibilities of our lives we forget our dreams. When every moment of our day is filled where is the space to dream? We wake up already feeling late and behind the eight ball. We rush our kids to school, eat breakfast on the run, then work for eight or ten hours barely taking a bathroom break. At night we are exhausted and escape into mindless television or a glass of Chianti.

Going through this routine day after day our dreams begin to fade. We forget about the dream trip we want to take. Our innovative groundbreaking product idea seems silly and ridiculous to pursue. The thought of moving to a new town or changing careers feels unrealistic. We are stuck. We become machines. We are unhappy with our lives but go through the motions every day assuming there is no other way.

IMAG0595_revBut there is another way. We can take a risk.

What is that big dream which has haunted you for years? If you have stifled your dreams for too long, it may take some time for it to resurface, but trust me it is there. Your dream does not have to be monumental. The importance is to resurrect the dream that makes your heart sing. Maybe it is taking that sculpting class you always wanted to or learning a second language. Maybe it is a new wardrobe to make you feel good about your body and beauty again. Maybe it is taking up yoga or running. Maybe it is larger. Maybe it is time to change companies, positions, or careers. Maybe it is time to find a new love. Maybe it is a move to a new home that better suits this time of your life. Doesn’t matter what your dream is. What matters is that you recognize and move toward your dream.

Much of our stress and dissatisfaction in life is due to not truly living our life. Our dreams point to how we are really meant to live. By denying our dreams we deny our life. We deny who we are truly meant to be. We rob the world of the special gift we are meant to share. When we fully express ourselves and live the life we are meant to we give back to those around us in amazing ways. Our joy is their joy. Our joy supports others. Our joy fulfills the needs which would otherwise be lacking. Fully being ourselves and pursuing our hearts’ desire is our purpose in life.

So what is holding you back? Fear it is impossible? Fear it is unreasonable? Fear you do not deserve it? Fear you will fail? If you don’t try you have failed, so why not try? You will not really know if it is impossible or unreasonable until you try. Some of the greatest art and inventions have seemed crazy on paper and magnificent in reality. If you dream it and desire it, you deserve it. Really you do. So why not go for it?

For inspiration, check out this Washington Post article about others who took a risk to achieve their dreams. The road is not always smooth, but the journey is well worth it. No matter the level of success, the act of going toward one’s desires pays off in the peaceful, joyful experience of living the life we are meant to.

Ready to define and move forward toward your dreams? Get out of your routine and join me in Mexico next year to release your obstacles, define your dream, and begin making your dream life a reality.

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