Creating Your World

Recently I witnessed the power we all have to create our world. And unfortunately these individuals were not creating a pleasant one. I will not share their stories here, but I will share some of the reasons they were creating the lives they really didn’t want.

First is the tendency to see the world as a place of lack. We expect to have less than. We believe in the mantra “life is not fair” and look for every opportunity to find it true. When we do have the opportunity to receive more we are afraid or feel unworthy to receive it which often sends the good from us because we are not accepting it.

what are you thinkingOther times we feel a victim of circumstances. We give up our power to something or someone else. We feel vulnerable and powerless to some force we deem is mightier than we are. We do not believe in our own inherent power.

A less than ideal world can be created when we look at our past history and expect it to repeat. We see current situations not as they are but through the filter of our past experiences. No matter how the current situation is different, we can only expect what we experienced before and therefore receive based on past perception.

Finally, fear gets in the way. We build up stories every day about how someone will act or something will happen. We are so focused on this imagined scary outcome that when something innocuous happens, we interpret it as our worst nightmare.

Where in your life do you perceive current situations through the filter of past experiences? Where are you acting as if your beliefs and expectations were reality? Are these perceptions and expectations helpful or hurtful for what you want? When what we expect to see is only negative it is often because our stress brain is in charge. This part of the brain was created to keep us safe, but it can also turn into a menace that sees everything as a threat. The way to actively create your ideal world is to keep your worrying stress brain in check.

Slow Down – The first step is to prepare yourself to consciously act instead of unconsciously reacting. Doing the State of Gray every day whether it is meditation, yoga, or some other technique to slow down our hectic lives and constant thinking, gives us the platform to begin controlling what we think.

Uncover Your Filters – Our reticular activating system (RAS) is the part of our brain which decides what we see every day. Our brains cannot handle all the data constantly bombarding us so we train our RAS to filter in only what is important. Be a detective in your own life and uncover what you have trained your RAS to see. Is it positive and helpful? Or is it bringing you expectations of negativity and loss? Retrain your RAS to focus on what you want to bring into your life.

Define Your Ideal World – We are not victims of circumstance or the happenstance lottery of life. We co-create our life. What do you want yours to look like? Who is in it? What do you do? What are your days like? What do you want to be remembered for? What do you want to experience? We cannot receive our dream without first defining it. What is it that you do want?

When we have not been taught to create our lives, the task might seem foreign, difficult, or even impossible. If you would like help creating your new life, join us this spring for a powerful weekend retreat to help you slow down, remove unhelpful filters, and begin creating the life you desire.

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