To Dream the (Im)Possible Dream

Back in 2009 when I first started coaching, I hosted my innaugural workshop. “Feeling Fine in ‘09” was designed to help individuals uncover their dreams, release the blocks holding them from their desires, and give the support, momentum, and practical steps to start moving towards their ideal life. As this was my first big workshop, I asked my husband Dan to attend so he could give me feedback on my presentation and the content. I hadn’t thought about this workshop in years, until we found his workbook when we were packing.

Part of the workshop was designed to create what Martha Beck call Wildly Improbably Goals. Not sure if I used that term in the workshop or not, but I helped the attendees to take off their reality lenses, dream a little, and really explore what they want for their life. Don’t think about how. Don’t think about the money needed. Don’t think about responsibility. If you had the ability to create your ideal life, what would you see in it? I believe in dreaming big and trusting that things will come together.

And now I have proof.make your dreams a reality

In looking at my husband’s workbook six years later, three of the five things he wrote – being self-employed, working on boats, and fishing in Cabo – ARE COMING TRUE! My husband has always been supportive of my business, but here he was a case study for all that I believe. As we packed up our house and prepared to move to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, here was written proof that the impossible was becoming possible.

How to Make the Impossible Possible

Step One: Dream It

Before we can imagine our ideal life we often stifle it. We look at where we are, what our debts are, what path we are on now, and a million other “realities.” We feel fixed on an unsatisfying path.

The first step to having the life of our dreams is to dream. Remove reality. Remove responsibility. Remove what we think is possible for us. If I gave you a magic wand, what would you create? What do you really want in your life? What would make you happen? What feels like winning the lottery for you? What is heaven even if it means work? Be like a six year old and imagine the absolute dream job and life for yourself.

Step Two: Write It Down

Daydreams are fun but something amazing happens when we write down what we want. When pen hits paper our abstract dream becomes something concrete. By writing it down, our dream has become tangible. Just by putting our dreams into words, they now exist in the universe. In the Bible, God says, “Let there be light” and there is light. Putting our thoughts into words is the same action. By declaring our dream on paper, we have now commanded it to become a reality.

Step Three: Share

When we keep our dreams to ourselves, we don’t give them life. When we share them with others, all of a sudden they have a life of their own outside of ourselves. I did this when I was writing my book. If I only sat at home working feverishly on my book, I don’t think it would ever come to fruition. But when I told others I was writing a book, my book became a community project. We all were invested. Friends would ask me about progress. Connections were made to help me have it published. The dream was no longer mine. It belonged to a greater whole.

Step Four: Take a Risk

Once the seed has been planted opportunities emerge. Unless you act upon these opportunities however, all is for naught. Take a risk. Say yes. Take a leap without knowing the outcome. Seize the moment and act upon the opportunities coming your way. This is the scariest but most critical step to making your dream a reality.

Carl Sandburg said “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” Are you ready to dream? Take the first steps by dreaming, writing, and sharing your ideal life with us here. Then be sure to check back in and tell us about the opportunities that come your way


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