Look for the Lesson

Sometimes people don’t understand me because I don’t let my emotions run away with me (for the most part). A car cuts me off and I smile and wave. When someone is rude to me I only become more kind to them. In the current world where righteous indignation is prized and promoted, I don’t […]

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Making a Human Connection

This past Easter, a fire erupted in a local parking garage. Thankfully no one was injured. Although hundreds of cars were destroyed. We park our trailer in this garage. After a few days wait, we were able to access the garage and remove our trailer which was thankfully unharmed in any way. We had to […]

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Reality Check

In our fast-paced lives, we are often “doing” and not “living.” One tool to help us truly live is to hold a reality check every so often. How much of our day goes by in a blur versus being in the moment? How much of our life is routine versus conscious choosing? How much of […]

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Getting Unstuck

Every Monday I receive a Soul Card Reading from Saskia Roell. I often find the cards she shares to be inspirational and insightful. A recent card from the Esther and Abraham Hicks Ask and It Is Given card deck was something I felt I should share. The card reads: Life Is Always in Motion, So […]

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A Little Perspective

Are you concerned about something in your life right now? Are things in your city or neighborhood a little too much for you? Are you upset that no one is focusing on your issues? Maybe it is time for a little cosmic perspective. According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, “We are a speck in the middle […]