Weathering the Storm

Many parts of the world are going through major natural disasters right now. Cabo San Lucas, my home and my heart, is no exception. On a Thursday morning, it started raining and it did not stop until late Friday dumping up to twenty-seven inches of rain in this dry desert climate. Not since 1933 has […]

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Drama Queen

We all have friends who are drama queens. I am sure you can think of one right now. No matter what has happened, the telling of the story is dramatic, over the top, and sensational. We might have been at the same incident, but in the re-telling we feel like we missed something. To us, […]

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Time is How You Look at It

On a recent visit to Chicago, friends were asking about living in Mexico. One topic that came up was time. I explained that if a contractor said they would come at 9am Monday, it may actually mean sometime Monday, but not necessarily 9am. It could also mean 9am Tuesday. Or it could be some time […]


What We Can Learn from Atheists

For random reasons, I heard interviews with two well-known atheists recently and found some amazing insights. The interviews were not about atheism per se, but some of the questions branched into their beliefs. Many of us believe in some sort of a God and an afterlife. We live our lives in the hopes of a […]

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What You Can Control

Working with those in job transition, I often see people frustrated by lack of progress. Companies take too long to respond after they apply, or they don’t respond at all. The interview process extends over months not weeks. People from their network don’t return their calls quickly. The job seekers are frustrated because they are […]

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