Average Happiness

Much of our society is focused on being the best. One MVP is chosen. Only one singer becomes the American Idol. It is no longer an accomplishment to write a book, you have to be a #1 best seller. Getting a high GPA is not important unless you are the valedictorian. We are obsessed by […]

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Augmented Reality

I was speaking with my friend Melissa Amling that other day who was telling me about her virtual reality concept for a new children’s book. It is a very interesting idea to bring children into the world of the book so they could fully experience and become a part of the story. She then mentioned […]


Love It or List It

Working with a client the other day, we were trying to get to the heart of what she needs in her life right now. She was dissatisfied but had a hard time defining what she wanted, what would fulfill her. To get her unstuck, I tried approaching the subject from a few different angles. Finally, […]

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Controlling Your Time

Two years ago, I had the honor of being part of the Washington Post Time Hack Project. I was one of a handful of coaches who were paired with readers struggling with work-life balance. It was fun to help individuals from around the world and from every age group to take back control of their […]

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Start From a Place of Peace

I have been writing a lot lately about compassion and understanding, as I think that is what is sorely needed in the United States and the world at large these days. My readers seem to be having difficulty with the message. They are angry. They are scared. They find it impossible to understand and accept […]

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