When It Is Right

Earlier this year, we started a search for our new home. We had a pretty big laundry list of desirables. After some time searching, we found one that fit our bill. Right number of bedrooms. Extra storage. Close to the bus stop since we only had one car. Financially sound development. The only negative was […]

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Managing Anxiety

Obviously experiencing a tropical storm is a major life event. I learned much from the storm including how to manage anxiety after disaster. During the tropical storm, we battled water leaking into the home for hours. We worried about not having safe drinking water or if the electricity would come back on. The loss of […]

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A Break From Routine

Monotony. Dealing with the same challenges, the same tasks, the same routine day after day, week after week, can increase our stress levels.  We are Sisyphus trapped, more likely doomed, to experience the same thing again and again and again without finding success or relief. Redundancy without resolution in our daily work can dull our […]


Being Impartial

Netflix has many terrific shows lately. One of them is “The Crown” which is about Queen Elizabeth. A scene in the first season really struck me. It is a dialogue between Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. Here is a condensed version: Queen Elizabeth (QE): “It doesn’t feel right as head of state to do nothing.” […]

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